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The best clothing is whatever makes you most comfortable and best expresses your own personal style. Accessories are great for adding interest and a stylish flair to portraits (think unique jewelry, hats, scarves, boots, etc.) It is also a good idea to wear layered clothing - this way we can get several different looks from one outfit and you can be sure to stay comfortable regardless of the temperature. Please feel free to bring several changes of clothing to the session if you'd like to. As far as color is concerned, blacks and whites are not ideal (especially white shirts). It's more flattering to wear something with some color. And please feel free to get as funky and elaborate with your clothing choices as you are comfortable with - it makes for more interesting portraits! If yours is a couple or family session, it works well to dress within the same color scheme, but don't try to match your outfits too much - let everyone keep a little individuality.