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Wardrobe choice is very important. Imagine that perfect outfit that you would love to wear. You daydream about wearing this outfit, but you just can’t seem to get up the nerve to wear it in public. This is the types of outfit that will help make a photograph into art! Step outside of your box. Be bold, colorful, and creative.. And for heaven sakes put down the khakis and white shirt! Look for textures, patterns, embellishments, and layers. And bring on the accessories.

I recommend that my clients bring a suit case of clothing. The more choices the better! I also request they send pictures via email so that I can view their clothing choices before their session. This helps me pick the best locations and props for your session. So go ahead….Get shoppin!!

Here is a list of some of my favorite places for your child’s photo shoot wardrobe.

Crew Cuts



Matilda Jane (love this)

Guess Kids

I also keep an assortment of children’s specialty items in my studio for client use.